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The Importance of Hiring a Litigation Lawyer

So, you’ve decided to start your own business. There are many things to consider. How should I set up my company? Do I need a license to operate? But, without an experienced professional advising you, you may make the wrong decisions which can adversely affect your business. Perhaps you’re a current business owner who’s having a dispute with a partner, involved with a breach of contract claim, or trying to negotiate a contract. You might need the services of a Santa Ana Business Lawyer to ensure your interests are protected.

Even if you have a successful business and everything is running smoothly, there are other aspects that may need attention. In his practice, Santa Ana Business Lawyer, Ashish Patel represents clients in many business-related matters including:

  • Business/Civil Litigation
  • Corporate Formation / Business
  • Incorporation


  • Business Organizations
  • Contracts
  • Asset Protection

Perhaps you currently run a business and you find yourself in a situation beyond mediation and negotiations, you may be considering litigation, but you’re not sure if your case is strong enough. Ashish Patel is a Business Lawyer in Santa Ana who specializes in civil and business litigation. Here are some factors he uses when evaluating a client’s case. First, says Mr. Patel, he listens to the client’s factual statement. Second, he reviews their evidence, such as communications (mostly written) records, financial records, and any other documents they have to determine the strength of their case. Additionally, depending on the nature of the dispute, Mr. Patel will determine if there are any witnesses. That way he can decide the best strategy for a client’s case.

Or, maybe you need an attorney, who understands business, to sue those certain businesses, like banks and mortgage brokers, who have engaged in questionable practices like lending money for homes to people they knew would be unable to re-pay the loans. Many unscrupulous lenders targeted the elderly or minorities reassuring them that they would be able to refinance their mortgages when the adjustable rate mortgage went up only to resell the bad loans to investors. This resulted in many homeowners to be foreclosed on when they were unable to make the mortgage payments. Holding the lenders accountable is known as lender liability. Mr. Patel represents homeowners who have been victimized.

Starting or maintaining a successful business can be challenging. You don’t want to go into negotiations or court alone without an experienced Santa Ana Business Lawyer. For a complete list of legal services or to discuss your situation and what options you may have, contact Ashish Patel at the Law Office of Ashish Patel.


If you need a litigation lawyer you can trust in Santa Ana, CA, consult The Law Office of Ashish Patel. Attorney Patel has been practicing contract law for over 10 years. He’ll work hard to represent your best interests during your litigation case.

Getting reliable legal assistance shouldn’t be impossible-attorney Patel offers top-quality legal counsel at reasonable rates. Call now to make an appointment.



How can you be sure your voice is heard? Consult attorney Patel if you need a litigation lawyer to handle any of these cases in Santa Ana, CA:

  • Foreclosure litigation
  • Immigration litigation
  • Corporate litigation
  • Franchise litigation

Contract law is complex. That’s why you need a qualified litigation lawyer to help you through the process. If you’re ready to take legal action to fight a foreclosure or immigration order, reach out to attorney Patel today. Call 949-257-4130 to schedule a consultation.

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